Best NGO in Education, Health, Women Empowerment and Environment

The Aahwahan Foundation is on a mission to empower women from all walks of life. Through its Women Empowerment Program, the foundation provides economic and social opportunities to women with the intention of empowering them to lead independent lives. The program includes a range of initiatives, including arranging job placements, providing educational and vocational training, and opening a stitching centre. These initiatives are designed to provide women with the skills they need to become financially independent and have access to better employment opportunities. Through this program, the Aahwahan Foundation is bringing about positive changes in the lives of many underprivileged women by providing them with essential resources that can help them build a better future for themselves.

The Aahwahan Foundation is committed to empowering women and promoting gender equality and inclusion. In order to achieve this goal, the foundation has launched a Women Empowerment Program. Through this program, the foundation provides vocational training and skill development opportunities for women from underprivileged backgrounds. This program also provides access to education and healthcare services. Moreover, the foundation has set up a stitching centre where women can learn tailoring skills which will enable them to become self-sufficient in the future. The Aahwahan Foundation believes that by providing these opportunities, they can help create an environment where all genders are treated equally and with respect.


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