Aahwahan Introducing Project Unnati

Children must have access to education. It is their only means of survival. Here, aiding students in resuming their studies is necessary. Many students have lost their schooling because they may have lost their family to COVID or their parents lost their jobs. It is essential to teach and care for these students. The abrupt pandemic destroyed the students’ dreams of their future, which they would have had. By assisting the kids in continuing their studies, we at AAHWAHAN are now attempting to give color to their dreams through their initiative called project Unnati. The team assit students with scholarship programs to assit students will be able to finish their education this way, establish their careers and provide for their families.
These courses are primarily for students who are affected due to COVID-19 and whose financial circumstances made it difficult for them to pay their school/college fees due to which they had to stop their education. By completing their education they will have the opportunity to get a job and earn money, which will help them preserve their financial stability. The students will be able to sustain themselves, take care of their family’s needs, and eventually become independent. The students will be able to provide for their family’s necessities, raising their level of living in the process. More than 300 students and their families will benefit from the education which will be provided to them by improving their quality of life.

The project with the ultimate agenda of “Education for all” provides scholarship to all the students from primary level to higher education.

On 27th January, the scholarship cheque distribution was done in the presence of Hon. Assistant Commissioner of Police and other officials. ” It was such a heartwarming event to witnesses, and it’s really appreciable that Aahwahan is making priceless contributions to education sector” the chief guest mentioned.

Apart the from the project unnati, the bangalore based nationalized NGO Aahwahan has been relentlessly committed to creating model govt schools, PHC & Govt Hospital upgardation, women empowerment, integrated agriculture and environment..

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