Empowerment of women is the desperate need for the hour. Women’s equality is a universal phenomenon but in the country of India, women are not treated equally in society. while men enjoy many privileges. on the other hand, women are restricted in many fields of life like education, jobs, and basic human rights are too not offered. In the modern year of 2022, India is far far behind in women empowerment compared to many developing countries like America and UK.

women empowerment is supporting women to grow so they can stand equal with men. many government organizations have been created to support women all over Indian government organizations are very low-funded and they cannot reach every woman in urban and most importantly rural villages. here NGO non-government organizations come into the picture. they are created and funded by Nobel citizens of India. they are founded for a soul goal in the field. women’s rights, women’s education, and women’s safety. women need to have a proper idea about their concerns before reaching out to the NGO as to which NGO to choose will fulfill their needs and help them grow further. They are the driving force of society and influence many communities, so the members influenced started donating to their noble cause and also volunteering in their activities.

Role of NGOs in Women’s Empowerment

The Role of every NGO working towards women’s betterment is first to reach out to the woman who needs their help.  They have to inspire women to come up with help for the below issues –

  1. Providing knowledge on maternal health, and safe childbirth
  2. Education and help with nutrition and childcare
  3. Education of the girl child (nearly 30% of girl children drop out of school before being a teen)
  4. Toilets in schools and public places
  5. Free legal help and guidance for victims of abuse (sexual harassment, acid attack, child marriage, dowry harassment)
  6. Savings for college education for the girl child
  7. Training in day-to-day livelihood skills
  8. Financing for small businesses, through SHGs (Self Help Group)
  9. Shelter for victims of domestic violence and abuse of any kind
  10. Gathering and fighting for women’s rights

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5 Types of Empowerments of Women

There are a total of 5 types of ways women can be supported by it is – Social, educational, political, economic, and psychological.

Social –

By helping women to have equal rights to men. Prevent them from any physical violence. Giving them legal advice and aid for injustice happening to them.

Educational –

The great way to empower women is to educate them so that they can be in depend on anyone in terms of knowledge and career and gain true empowerment.

Political –

Providing them equal rights to vote and using their knowledge in electing the right candidate and also enrolling them in a leadership position in the constitution.

Economic –

Micro-financing their small businesses so they can earn never depending on the income of men or any external means is the main type of empowering the women.

Psychological –

Giving counseling to Women facing domestic violence and educating the older women to change their age-old and false ideology on their role in society and to give importance to their own life.

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