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women's empowerment in India

What is the role of NGO in women’s empowerment in India?

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a crucial role in women’s empowerment in India by addressing various social, economic, and cultural challenges that hinder women’s progress and equality. Their roles include: Education and Skill Development: NGOs work to provide education and skill development opportunities for women, especially in rural and underserved areas. This helps women gain the… continue reading

Aahwahan Foundation

Aahwahan Foundation’s initiative

That’s great news! Aahwahan Foundation’s initiative to offer a free Beautician Course for women is a commendable step towards empowering women and providing them with opportunities for skill development. By offering this course free of cost, the foundation is ensuring that women from all backgrounds and economic situations have access to this training program. This… continue reading

Aahwahan Introducing Project Unnati

Dream High, Fly High-Aahwahan Introducing Project Unnati

Children must have access to education. It is their only means of survival. Here, aiding students in resuming their studies is necessary. Many students have lost their schooling because they may have lost their family to COVID or their parents lost their jobs. It is essential to teach and care for these students. The abrupt… continue reading

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Women Empowerment Program run by Aahwahan Foundation

The Aahwahan Foundation is on a mission to empower women from all walks of life. Through its Women Empowerment Program, the foundation provides economic and social opportunities to women with the intention of empowering them to lead independent lives. The program includes a range of initiatives, including arranging job placements, providing educational and vocational training,... continue reading