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pathway to revitalizing the future of India- Women Empowerment Initiative Aahwahan Foundation

A pathway to revitalizing the future of India – illuminating the dreams & power of the women ‘s community through free Beautician Training and Fashion Designing !!!It is the time to rewrite the rotten stereotype of history and burn the mundane excuses that restrict women to fly high.This new women empowerment initiative is to create… continue reading

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Women Empowerment Program run by Aahwahan Foundation

The Aahwahan Foundation is on a mission to empower women from all walks of life. Through its Women Empowerment Program, the foundation provides economic and social opportunities to women with the intention of empowering them to lead independent lives. The program includes a range of initiatives, including arranging job placements, providing educational and vocational training,... continue reading

Women’s Empowerment Role and Types

Empowerment of women is the desperate need for the hour. Women’s equality is a universal phenomenon but in the country of India, women are not treated equally in society. while men enjoy many privileges. on the other hand, women are restricted in many fields of life like education, jobs, and basic human rights are too... continue reading
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Importance of Education for Female

From the ancient days, people have obtained a bigger stature and greater lifestyle for their family or tribe or state, or country by gaining a good education. Education is the only key element to building a person’s future. India has a huge population of over 1.5 billion; more than 55% of the people are illiterate... continue reading