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NGO For donation

Donate for Humanity

When it comes to supporting humanitarian causes, one organization that stands out is the Aahwahan Foundation. This non-governmental organization (NGO) has been making a significant impact on the lives of those in need. By donating to the Aahwahan Foundation, you play a direct role in supporting humanity and making a positive difference in the world…. continue reading

Aahwahan Foundation’s Healthcare Initiative ‘Health On Wheels’

The Aahwahan Foundation, an esteemed NGO dedicated to improving healthcare access, has introduced a groundbreaking initiative called “Health on Wheels.” This innovative mobile hospital service is designed to deliver quality healthcare to underprivileged communities that have limited or no access to traditional healthcare facilities. With “Health on Wheels,” Aahwahan Foundation aims to bridge the gap… continue reading

Aahwahan Foundation Celebrate world health mental day

Aahwahan Foundation Celebrates World Health Mental Day

It’s fantastic to hear that the Aahwahan Foundation is celebrating World Mental Health Day! Recognizing and actively participating in this day is a commendable way to raise awareness about mental health and promote well-being. Here are some ideas on how the Aahwahan Foundation can celebrate World Mental Health Day: Remember that raising awareness about mental… continue reading

Delicately working Bahanaga train accident Balasore, India to support food and medical health.

The Aahwahan Foundation team is actively involved in providing support to the victims of the Bahanaga train accident in Balasore, India. During such difficult times, the provision of food and medical assistance is crucial for those affected by the tragedy. By offering food support, the foundation ensures that the victims and their families have access… continue reading

Students of Shri Ram College of Commerce collaborate with Aahwahan Foundation in Blanket Donation Drive

Students of Shri Ram College of Commerce have joined hands with Aahwahan Foundation, striving together to bring about an impactful transformation in society. “The greatest good is what we do for one another” Adding social service with business acumen has borne wondrous results, for the recent Blanket Distribution Drive conducted by the Finance & Outreach… continue reading

Aahwahan Being the Chariot of Merriment &Mercy!! – Health on Wheels

We are intensely elated and exhilarated to reveal the immense successes of our initiative “Health on Wheels “program, Aahwahan Foundation being the chariot of exceptional health services in the quest to enrich the health status & well-being of the marginalized section of society. The mobile hospital is being life savior to more than 1, 00,000… continue reading