Students of Shri Ram College of Commerce have joined hands with Aahwahan Foundation, striving together to bring about an impactful transformation in society. “The greatest good is what we do for one another” Adding social service with business acumen has borne wondrous results, for the recent Blanket Distribution Drive conducted by the Finance & Outreach Wing and Social Support Wing of NSS, SRCC in collaboration with Aahwahan Foundation was simply soulful. The drive involved distributing blankets to needy people around the north campus.

It called for putting in consistent efforts in providing basic amenities to all. So, let’s work to pave the way for a bright & secure future! Through their collaborative endeavours, the former is able to gain insights and understanding into the nuances of social welfare initiatives while gaining invaluable expertise. For example, they are working together to launch a project that provides support for underprivileged families and seeks to create more equitable access to education, healthcare, and other essential services. With this goal in mind, the partnership between these two organisations has enabled them to combine their respective strengths and resources in order to make significant progress towards achieving it. It is clear that both entities view this relationship as not only beneficial, but also exciting; through their collaboration, they are able to overcome challenges and develop strategies that will help them reach their end goals.

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